Saturday, June 06, 2009

back on board....

and she was very good.

i did have someone hold her ... since we're not allowed to trot yet and she still has some bruising, i didn't think rope circling was a good idea if she wasn't going to stand!

so she didn't argue the bit once

bear in mind between the arena and the road is a thick copse that you can't see through but can hear everything going past.

we could hear car doors being slammed (car at house next to yard), cyclists shouting to each other as they cycled along, traffic, and she could see the geldings belonging to next yard up moving about.

didnt' get herself distracted by the noises off (although the horses moving about did at first, until she worked out what they were...) and was particularly impressed by the non reaction to voices suddenly being heard out of seemingly nowhere!

only did about 15 minutes, which i thought was about enough

and was pleased it had finally stopped raining! about lunchtime....but we had to put the heating on!


Jean said...

Good idea to have someone hold her for you. I am also pleased to hear that she did not fight the bit. Perhaps something was bothering her before she fell and now the treatment has helped her out.

Stopped raining here overnight. Still very wet out and, very warm. I am going to wait until evening to work Tuck in prep for his lesson tomorrow. Instead I washed the truck and trailer.

Mary Lou said...

I think it's hard for horses to hear something but not be able to see it. My previous horse was fine outside but he did not like an enclosed arena, I assume, because he could not see what he could hear. So a thick hedge with lots of noise on the other side is a challenge. Good for her to tolerate it!

trudi said...

Sounds a positive session...good stuff.

Di said...

Well done, a good session!