Friday, June 12, 2009

20 minutes

although i did wonder after the 3rd attempt to get on whether it was going to happen .. which it did after the 4th. i think we were both a bit dubious after monday's events!

still mostly nice and soft, i slightly went into trying too hard mode which is something to be avoided....and pushed her through her attempt to stop after 10!

had remembered my mp3 player so listened to hank marvin and the shadows, and niether of us were distracted by the bouncing lambs!

and of course she was more than happy with her massage... the machine does an automatic 30 minutes and then switches itself off.


trudi said...

oooh, the massager sounds great! Great retail therapy yesterday then :-)

Jean said...

Gee, I might like that massager for me! Sounds wonderful.

Glad to hear Molly is working again. Just keep it easy until you are sure she is OK.

The MP3 was a great idea. See how when you ignore the distractions she does too?? Keep it up.