Saturday, June 27, 2009

guess what i found?

that's right, the phone i lost last friday... doh. I have a tyre in the stable into which goes Molly's feed dish... it had fallen into that, inside the rim, and clearly i therefore didn't hear it fall .. and it was the last place i thought to look. I found it because i actually picked the tyre up to muck out the stable...

Anyway, lunged Molly. She's becoming a nightmare to get the bit into her mouth...managed it eventually, but it was a bit of a struggle...due the tooth person end of july, appointment already made, but she gets checked every 6 so i can't see how anything too bad can have gone wrong in that time..

anyway, once we got that in, she worked very nicely, I was pleased with her. Tried some canter, but that's not so clever .. surface a bit too deep in places.

can see her muscles working in the right places!

and she'd been in since 10.30 - i got a text at 1 asking if i wanted her turned out again! i said not, since i would then have struggled to get her back in again, but hadn't known she wasin ... chap with the other 2 mares obviously came down early today! i could have gone down then as well had i known...ah well.


Jean said...

So can you still use the phone or is it shut off, never to be revived?

Maybe Molly was making some calls over dinner...might check your bill for strange charges. *lol*

Good for you trying canter!! Things are progessing well, then. Good going.

Nicola said...

Echo Jean re the phone?:)

Our bloody school is awful the been saying it was getting done since Christmas...very frustrating!

Danni said...

Oh, what a pain you've found your phone now that you ordered a new one! Isn't that always the way though...

Great to hear about cantering, shame about the arena surface hampering your efforts.

Mary Lou said...

For a difficult horse I once leased I dipped the bit in sugar before bridling and it worked wonders! Some people give a sugar cube after bridling but then they are so wiggly looking for the sugar that I hit upon dipping the bit.