Thursday, June 18, 2009

ggrrrhhh ... at the weather!

plan was, ride molly, then come home and get the laundry in off the line and mow the lawn, which is starting to look like a hayfield (should have been dry enough by then).

Got Molly in and did her 1/2 hour massage, tacked up, led over to the arena... big black cloud starting chucking rain at us time i got her back to the stable it was pretty wet....

so turned her out (did think about trying to do some clicker/in hand in the stable, but she still isn't paying attention to me in there)

time i got home, through a major rainstorm..... sun has come out. pah. washing is soaked again and lawn too wet to mow.

and i've realised that a major distraction when she's in the stable is that she can hear people going down the hill calling for their horses so she's looking to see who/what is coming in!

perhaps this was the wrong stable to pick.... ah well, too late now.


trudi said...

Oh how does that grass grow with the sun and rain...just got ours cut last night and it will need doing again at the weekend.

Cabruze said...

We missed the rain again!
On a positive note - when you do get Miss Molly to give you her undivided attention despite all the attractions and distractions - it'll be rock solid!

Jean said...

Busy stables can be ultimately good. They teach you and your horse to learn how to ignore the distractions and work anyhow.

As for the lawn...I lucked out and mowed mine between rainstorms. Of course it's growing like mad again.'s raining here too.

Danni said...

Second what Jean says about busy stables. They are wonderful for encouraging focus from the horse (and the easily-distracted owner *lol*)

Hope the rain lets up soon :)