Tuesday, June 30, 2009

hot and humid

you can taste the humidity.

did think about groundwork... apart form anything else, my numnah is still drying on the line having been washed! ... but neither of us could be bothered and the flies were a nightmare.

have decided not to take up the suggestion of the market harborough... looks a shade too much like a draw rein, even though it isn't quite, and am not quite sure how it would help me, which was the point of the suggestion...

i could go back to continentals (currently taking up space on the back of the kitchen door!) but i do like the libby's ones i'm using at the moment, especialy as they have clips and i change bridles a fair bit (one bridle ordinary bit, one bridle myler combi, and the bitless!)

they have the advantage that if they do slip you can easily see how far they've slipped and where you should be!


Jean said...

Eek! I'm not a fan of draw reins of any kind, mostly because it takes a really educated hand to not overuse them. However, that being said, when I long lined Chance the other day, I had the long line rigged as a draw rein on the inside, so they do have their uses. (That's the "vee" I talked about. Line goes from my hand through the ring on the surgingle, then through the bit and then to another ring on the surcingle. I'll take a picture when I get a chance.)

I bought a running martingale for Chance to save myself when he was really boppy with his head, but I only used it once.

This is a hard one. A rig of some kind will help you get Molly's head down, but there are so many factors to take into consideration. You don't want to have her learn to overbend and you also want to make sure her hind end is always going into the bit. Used correctly and with discretion, these can all become useful tools. Used wrong, and you can wreck a horse's training, with an overbend problem that is equally hard to undo.

Claire said...

no, indeed. many years ago previous RI had me put draw reins on queenie.. only did it once, i couldn't cope. the MH of course doesn't require 2 reins, but still very similar (although possibly not quite so bad).

I'm not sure why yesterday's RI thought it would help my hands, which was why she suggested it... it's normally the sort of thing one suggests as a tool to sort the horse, not the rider!