Sunday, May 31, 2009

oops .... bang

today was bath day, the weather being so gorgeous.

So, took her round to the yard to bath her. she decided the hose was scary? not.

anyway, half way through hosing off she decided to play up again ... and slipped, bang, down on her left hand side, hips first (essentially, her back end went out from under her)

she's put her pelvis out.

This wasn't clear until some time later ... but she has. so i've texted the back man and am waiting to hear back

i expect she's got some bad bruising which will really show tomorrow


Danni said...

Oh Molly! I hope her pelvis can be sorted soon. I bet it'll be sore tomorrow, arnica gel might help if you haven't already given her some orally.

It has been perfect bath weather though :)

trudi said...

Oh dear, get well soon Molly.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Molly had a slip up - hope all feels better soon.

Jean said...

Oh my! That doesn't sound good. I hope the back man can get there quickly.

That's too high a price to pay for a clean horse. So sorry.

Claire said...

well, last time she had a bath she was a good girl, so i wasn't expecting any messing about this time!

Di said...

Oh Claire, yet another obstacle in your path. I hope she's better soon.


Claire said...

the good news is, the back man can come thursday!