Saturday, May 16, 2009

eventually got on...

but it was a lengthy process

first, get one's horse from the field ... they were right up the top so i had to walk right up, and decided to take my walking stick with me in case i needed to brace myself if molly didn't want to come. that was a good plan - she was hapy to be caught, but didn't want to leave the other mares. Fortunately, they followed, but not as quickl as the other day so we had a lot of circling round me and trying to go back. eventually i decided the safer plan was walk back round behind the other mares and bring Molly down a different part of the hill, which got us a lot of the way to the gate and then she started planting a bit again near the muddy area .. but not too bad by then and at least it was level. Then through the gate and very carefully down the very slippy slope! I reckon it probably took at least 1/2 hour, possibly longer, to get her in and back into the stable.

then left her for 10 whilst i had a chat to another owner - Molly quiet and happy when i'm with her, but shouts when i'm not! - and groomed and tacked up. whilst I was puttin gthe saddle on it started chucking it down properly, and i did think it was going to stay too wet, but it eased off and was going to stop, so picked up mounting block and off we went to the arena. i'd put the bitless bridle on, largely because of it's qualities as a "pretend" pressure halter - but should have taken the 12' line as well! the lead rope not quite long enough. Anyway, after a bit of protest and working her on the lead rope, and reminding myself the hard way that whilst the reins are 12' they have velcro in the middle! so she had a trot round on her own! Molly stood still and I got on.

walked round twice, remindedmyself where the "seat brake" is, walked round again a couple of times and got off and called that a good day. Not much, I know, but whilst she wasnt' charging around it WAS the first time ridden in there and when i was on her i rather felt as though I should have lunged or something first (and of course we weren't supposed to be lunging!).

Still, next time will be easier.

and really it's all my own fault as she hasn't been worked at all since what, week past Friday? what with me being ill and the back man coming out and the weather... and i know by now that something every day is a better plan with her. Also, of course, she hadn't been in the stable since Tuesday...

anyway, I finaly did the video from the day she was first turned out:


Jean said...

Love to watch horses getting acquainted. All the running around and goofy stuff is fun. Such a nice big field too. Good and bad, however if it takes a half hour to get her in. Times like that a horse that comes when called could be a godsend.

My boys would be out in the farthest reaches, completely ignoring me if I called them. *G*

trudi said...

OK I shall NEVER complain again about walking up from our bottom paddocks; your walk is certainly going to get you fit.
Great that you're back on board.

Claire said...

i shall manage your hills quite easily now I expect, Trudi, LOL

Anonymous said...

The video is fun - love to see them running around and doing their horse thing. Glad you got to ride - it doesn't matter at all how long - that walk out and back would do me in!