Monday, May 04, 2009

a struggle won...

Molly again did not want to come in - we had a lot of planting, no i want to go back to my friends (who were following, LOL) and circling and at one point trying to barge over me (happily failed!) but got her out and down the hill - assisted by the walking stick (proper walker's walking stick) partner bought me in Aldi, this of course to ensure as much as I can that I DON'T come a cropper down the hill - especially as it tipped down all last night!

so got her in and left her to stand for 15 minutes or so, changed my boots (back to needing long boots for the arena, boot full of arena is uncomfortable!) and then took her over to the arena again for some more groundwork.

Someone had left one jump and some pony length trotting poles out, but there was more than enough room to work round them.

in a way, i'll be happier when she chills to the point where i have to push her on, rather than slow her down!

but she was listening more than saturday i think

then she got her tea and turned out - by that time, the others had gone back to the top of the field, so she screamed for them and set off at canter up the hill! coulnd't quite tell how crook she was because of the angle she was to me, but not really "flowing" if you see what i mean.

i'll ring back man in the morning (i saw no point in ringing over the bank holiday, as it is a holiday, and it's not as if he'd ring back until tomorrow anyway!)

my plan for today, made yesterday, was for gardening - lawn needs doing, some weeding, whatever .....

but since it teemed down all night i couldn't mow the lawn and partner wanted to go find water plants for the pond ... so that's what we did. almost back to wintry, bit of a wind, but we got the plants, came home via tesco for shopping and then put plants in pond before I went off to do molly!

and the most amazing thing? i didn't wake up until 0920, unheard of!


Di said...

Sounds like a great success! Well done.

Anonymous said...

You got her in and did some work - bravo! Every time should be a bit better.

trudi said...

ah!! Progress, that's good.

Jean said...

My lawn needs mowing too.

Good going with Molly. Determination pays off.

I'll be interested to hear what the back man says when he looks at Molly. I guess you are seeing some slight things in the way she is going. Bet she'll feel better after he treats her.

Cabruze said...

Sounds like she's starting to settle in. Great!