Friday, May 29, 2009

a long unexpected walk....

in hand.

The mares had been moved back into the field they were in, so they were right up at the top by the harbour house drive near enough.

when i went to get Molly in, there was no way she would move down hill to the field gate we normally use to get back to our yard... no matter how much i moved her head, shoulders, quarters... i hadn't taken the pressure halter with me.

but she WOULD move back to the harbour house drive end, where there is a small picket gate.... so that's the way we wen.t

at that point, i had a choice - turn right, go out onto the road, down a dip up the other side to my yard. but it isn't necessarily the safest road, and whilst I'm happy to ride it, being on the ground isn't that safe as traffic can be a bit fast and stupid, and the sight lines are poor for cars ...

the alternative, turn left, along and down to harbour house, along the back drive, over the ford and round back up the side of the field my yard's geldings are in. That was the one I chose - apart from no traffic, it also meant that molly got a consequence for not having gone the way i'd originally wanted. If she thought she'd got out of ANY excercise, she was wrong.

The only trouble was, it took 40 minutes and by the time i got her back to her stable we'd both had enough excercise for the day! and i was pouring with sweat (it's HOT here...)

Therefore, i didn't ride.

lesson tomorrow, and i did think about rearranging it to next week bearing in mind we haven't done as much work as RI wanted this week, but decided to carry on as planned.


trudi said...

Blimey, 40minutes in the heat, no wonder you two were knacked. Good exercise though.
Yesterday was a good positive ride, I think lunging with riders is darned dangerous so well done to Molly for keeping cool.

Danni said...

What a challenging girl Molly is :D 40 minutes under the sun today does not sound like too much fun.

Glad you are going ahead with the lesson, look forward to the report and hope it is a positive session for all.

Jean said...

Too much work for me. My knees would've surrendered after 15 minutes. At least you both got some work despite not riding.

The lesson will be fine even if you didn't get the work you'd planned in. From what I read, you have an excellent teacher to help you along. I am sure you will pick up a lot of good ideas to keep you well on track.

JW.BW said...

WOW!! Thats determination! I hope your lesson goes well tomorrow and you enjoy it!