Saturday, May 02, 2009

mirrors and splints....

Stephanie is here for the weekend (and EE dinner in Newcastle tonight) so she arrived at lunchtime and we had a horsey afternoon. she kindly held the stable mirror whilst I fixed it to the wall, i put the hay bar up as well and then we got molly in.

we also got another mare in who otherwise would have been in the field on her own!

molly was somewhat more settled, the foal in the next stable was tied up outside, she could see other horses and the mirror was up, so she got groomed, then did some ground work and also let her loose in the school for a canter round - she was VERY crooked in canter - quarters in both reins, very much so - also dragging her feet walking down hill - so needs the back man. happily someone else is also getting back man (qualified physio) next week and he's seen her before so hopefully i'll get her seen.

she wasn't as crook in trot rope circling, on right rein a bit (steph says, i coulnd't see it as well) left rein much better.

so we only did 10 minutes of that and brought her in for her first tea since monday! then turned her out.

she is, of course, doing a lot of hill work in the field that she hasn't had before, so that'll be working muscles she probably forgot she had....

and splints, you all wonder .... we wondered if i've got one on my left shin, from the accident i had in february 2006 when i walked into a box in my sleep. it would certainly account for the continuing pain, and occasional inability to weight bear of an evening when i try and stand up

anyway, doctor on the 15th, hopefully she will agree and send me for xray ... i saw different gp last year who said "soft tissue injury", a diagnosis with which, of course, i disagree (a soft tissue injury would not render the leg non weight bearing, now would it!)


English Rider said...

Aren't you glad that firing splints is a thing of the past?

Di said...

I hope you can get your leg sorted out Claire, sounds like Molly is really beginning to settle.

Jean said...

Ouch, your poor leg. That would explain a lot about your pain, though. Maybe this doctor will sort it out.

Molly must be happier with "company" in her stall..or else she just likes primping in the mirror. *lol*

I'd bet all the hills are getting her fit in places she hasn't been fit before. Glad the physio guy is coming to help her along.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with that leg - it sounds very painful. Glad Molly is more settled and hope all works well with getting her soreness fixed.

Danni said...

I'll bet between the hilly turnout and possibly tension from settling into a new place Molly would love some pampering from a physio :) Sounds like she's feeling a lot more settled already.

I hope you get some answers about your leg, sounds painful to say the least :(