Tuesday, May 19, 2009

i have texted RI

to organise a lesson.

She was better with the bitless tonight than with the bit yesterday, but trot wasn't going to happen. that was for one of 4 reasons

1. the going (we're back to DEEEEEP)
2. whatever with her muscles
3. remembered whatever about the bit
4. something i'm doing

or a combination of all 4.

never mind, we did get some sideways! several times. the circles were better. got some serpentines as well. couple of stops, for lambs i think!


trudi said...

I'm sure a lesson will sort it out, at least you have some progress over the last few times.

Jean said...

Back to ulcers maybe. Something is definitely bothering her. The change in stabling should have settled down by now. You had the physio check her over and I presume her teeth are OK.

Chiropractic issues are another option, but I am always suspicious of something internal when all else fails. I am starting Tucker on a new course of meds myself.