Wednesday, May 20, 2009

can't do flexions

if every time i pick the rein up, she starts tossing her head about!

i thought flexions might be a good plan to try and get her head wrapped round havint he bit in, but clearly that wasn't going to work.

and this was only standing in the stable.

RI didn't get my text, something wrong with her phone, so will ring her tomorrow.

i'm feeling abit disheartened ATM.


Di said...

Claire, don't get disheartened. It takes a while for the horse to "get" the flexion work. When I started them with Anky, she would pull away every time I touched the bit rings. She's perfectly happy with them now.

trudi said...

Don't be down about it Claire, it will come right and definitely keep gently perservering, she'll get the hang of it.

Anonymous said...

A physical problem (perhaps as a result of the new terrain) making it uncomfortable to flex?

Not understanding what you want yet?

One of those two steps forward/one step back events?

Don't lose heart!

JW.BW said...

Keep your head up!! Horses learn things at different paces, my horse loves to jump and will figure out any jumping combination you put in front of her, but she resists flexion as well. Dont worry and dont give up, it will all pay off and your partnership with your horse will be even stronger when you two get there together!!

Claire said...

Thanks all for your kind words, and welcome Jessi!

BUT - this is part of Molly no longer accepting the bit. We had flexions pretty much sorted last summer, and have been doing them on and off since ... but hadn't done any for a month or so

I think even though her teeth were done in january and booked to be done again end of July, it might be worth getting her mouth looked at....