Wednesday, May 06, 2009

hugely improving...

she was thinking about falling asleep in the stable - only thinking about it, and still standing up - but more than happy to just stand with her head out the window, and go back when i told her!

then i longlined with teh bitless - and she was working into the bridle when i got it right, so pleased, we'll get back to where we were in the not too distant future i expect

but isn't it odd - lead horse past someone, clearly not tacked up to be ridden, and am asked if i am riding ...?

back man tuesday


Jean said...

Of course, if the other person rides bareback upon occasion, perchance he/she figured you'd hope on after your lungeing session and have a hack. Don't laugh, I used to do that with my Russell R. (Wouldn't dare try it with The Tuck!)

Noted you mowed the lawn. Mine is still too wet, and more rain to come. I will need a hay baler at this rate. *lol*

Anonymous said...

Sounds like things are coming right. Perhaps the person was clueless, or perhaps they thought you would saddle up after ground work - who knows?

trudi said...

Great stuff, yes you'll be back to where you were in no time now.