Tuesday, May 05, 2009

calming down..

she was much calmer today ... don't know whether that was partly to do with they were allnear the gate, but she was a lot easier to get in, and not bouncing round her box. i was able to groom her (last time was when steph was here Saturday) and tacked up to lunge .. only with the bitless, but still ...

next to the arena there's a coppice, where there was a chap getting firewood - didn't realise until she suddenly decided that corner wasn't nice and started cutting in, and i registered the noise being made by the chap ... didn't last long, and in teh scale of things all she did do was not stay out on the circle. later, she went back to full circles.

so overall i was pleased with the session.

i should get pony lengty side reins to work with the bitless, the full length ones are too long really, i got them a bit shorted by wrapping round the roller (which is quite wide) rather than jsut through the relevant ring, but that's not wholly staisfacctory. had i been able to get them a shade shorter she would havce been working into the bridle (cna't say contact with bitless!)

so i was very pleased!

rang back man first thing, and someone else rang last thing ... so we'll have to wait to hear from him..


Anonymous said...

Yet more progress - hurrah for you and Molly!

Jean said...

I'd say there are some signs she is settling in. Good. Still a bit of a puzzle about the bit, though.
Maybe it's all related to her back.

Hope the back guy calls you soon.

trudi said...

More progress, that's good.

Mary Lou said...

Great progress today. Seems quick to me but there are many stages to settling down. She seems to figure things out pretty quickly.