Sunday, May 17, 2009

mounting and staying on practice

happily, getting her in was easier than yesterday - they were much nearer the gate (about in the spot they were in the video i posted!) and i took the pressure halter and 12' line!

anyway, to ride again.. put the bitted bridle in, with the pressure halter in case of need.

led her over to the arena and there was a chap and his son having a kick about on the access, they stopped .... but then went to talk to someone on the drive (i'll have to post a pic of this as you'll never visualise it - but anyway, the access to the arena is through what used to be the gates to a big house, and there's a gate lodge on the right, opposite the arena a ndseparated from it by an expanse of grass and the drive)

So, into the arena. first attempt to mount, she moved so i worked her round (just had the lead rope, but does the job!)

second time, she stood, i got on, we walked round ..coming back down I knew that the noises of talking and bouncing ball was group of people standing outside house talking, but they were hidden from view by a tree. never mind, she just stood and looked, so i got off and led her to the fence line so she could see what was causing the noise..

got back on again, and i don't know what happened (possibly i let the lead rein go a bit slack) but she was sort of kangarooing/minor bucking/who knows what across the arena whilst i tried to get my offside stirrup and not jab her in the mouth but stop .. wihout falling off. all of which i managed.

i then decided we needed to try that again, so got off, back to the mounting block, took halter off and got back on ... walked round some more, admired the lambs who admired molly so much they were trying to climb into the arena.

did the whole thing one more time, and then decided enough was enough - boy bouncing football was now kicking it about on the grass, the rain was trying to start again not having rained all day, and i thought we'd done quite well overall, considering.

So, i think tomorrow i can probably dispense with the pressure halter altogher (hope so, it's a long way to go back for it, LOL) and do a bit more once i'm on....


Jean said...

Good work. Accomplishing a little at a time with great success is better than trying to do too much and not succeeding an any of it.

Mary Lou said...

I would call that very successful! You had so many distractions going on and Molly still is feeling new I am sure. Those small things are just as rewarding as the bigger things.

Kate said...

Soccer balls and lambs - oh my! I can't imagine what my horse would have done with lambs - in fact I don't want to imagine. Good progress by you and Molly.