Thursday, May 28, 2009

different horse?

looked like the same horse, was in the right place, new me, etc... but a different one to the one that wouldn't let me get on yesterday and wouldn't do anything the day before.

i was particularly pleased with her as not only was she working nicely after the first 5 minutes, but there was a young friesian ( 4 or 5 i'm told, only been in the country a year) being lunged .... and when it was cantered on the lunge, they didn't stay up the end they'd started at but ended up at the end Molly and I were, which at least meant we could then use the full school. finsihed up with three horses in there, 2 ridden and the one being lunged.

when i was taught to lunge, i was taught that the lunge cavesson should be on the bony bit of the nose and tight so that it doesn't slip about ... nothing has changed about that that I am aware?

anyway, you'll gather i'm a happy bunny tonight. hope tomorrow is as good!


Jean said...

Well, then, another step forward. Glad Molly kept her wits about her when the other horses were in the arena. Lovely.

It's nice when she's a good girl.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Molly has settled down!

Di said...

Sounds like a good session, well done.

Cabruze said...

Great! .... and what a good girl to stay calm with out of control Friesan!

Danni said...

Gosh, she doesn't half keep us all guessing! I'm glad yesterday was a good session. Very impressed she was such a cool customer with other horses working in the school.

I was taught the same with the cavesson by the way. Otherwise you have a peed off horse getting a bashed face!

Claire said...

exactly, danni... which may well account for a LOT don't you think?

Danni said...

I must admit I am lunging off the side of a headcollar until my prolite portuguese cavesson is ready :)

There is so little protection to that area I can't imagine having it loose and bouncing around!