Tuesday, May 12, 2009

it seems

that in fact Molly now living on a hill has brought to light some issues that may have been brewing for a while!

She had tight spots over both quarters in her muscles, and I'm to do some stretching exercises ... save that we discovered that I'm not in fact fit to do them with her due to my back/neck/etc issues! the exercise where you lift the back leg up with the hock bent, and then pull the foot forward, thus stretching the muscles... the alternative is an equilibra (? think that's the brand, not equissage too expensive!) massage kit and use that every day...

and her hocks are a shade stiff (unsurprising, given her history!)

she also had a sore spot just on the left wither, and he wanted to check the saddle until i said it was a HM treeless .... difficult to know about this one, as it's not that long since I had agent out and less long since the new shimming arrived .... it may be the new shimming that's wrong, but i don't think so .. we'll have to see (but he also said that the HM treeless was the best of the type....)

Poll etc were fine.

and I really should make an appointment to see him myself! (he trained as a human physio before training as a horse physio and does both!)

2 days off (which i knew he'd say anyway!) then "light exercise"

in the meantime i wasn't as well today as yesterday ... felt dreadful, in fact, all achy - and so coold (it wasn't hot out, but i think i was feeling colder than i might have otherwise!) i put the heating back on. bad me.


Di said...

Oh dear Claire,sorry to hear that the cold's fighting back!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry you're not feeling well - get better soon! I, too, can't do the leg stretching exercises - front or back - we make do without - I just feel for tight spots and hand massage them, and also do carrot stretches for the neck and head.

trudi said...

oh what a shame, both of you not good...hope a couple of days rest will get you both back on the road to recovery.

Jean said...

How good to find out you were right about Molly's being sore. That goes to show how much you are progressing in "feeling" your horse. So many people would have attributed her training issues to attitude instead of discomfort.

And yes, do go to that therapist yourself. Nothing like getting your body properly adjusted to help fix what ails you...including that lingering cold thing.

Cabruze said...

Frustrating that you're still unravelling the puzzle of Molly being "not quite right". But sounds like progress!
As Kate says, feeling for tight spots and massageing them out is very effective.