Tuesday, January 15, 2008

where was I last night?

I was here - but i could hardly keep my eyes open and had absolutely nothing to say save for whinging about how tired i was. If it hadn't been for the fact that I had to drive home, one could say i probably shouldn't have driven....don't know why I was so tired, imagine it was not sleeping as well as I thought I had.

Tonight, i felt a lot better; I said to people at work before I left, where it was dry, i bet it's raining at home; guess what, it was raining at home & at the yard.


but one thing I did do last night was find a rather cool video on you tube - doma vaquera in action, wow.



cptrayes said...

I'm afraid I never did get my head round the "riding around with a flagpole" idea :-)


Jean said...

I'm not sure my horse would ever get his head around the "riding around with a flagpole" idea.*G* Pretty impressive, nonetheless.

This winter is wearing us all out. Already it feels as if it's gone on for too many months. *Sigh* I want some sunshine, at least! Cloudy again today.