Wednesday, January 23, 2008

howling gale

and i don't begin to know where it came from. came out of the office and it was calm, by the time i'd gone 5 miles to get out of stockton you could feel the car being buffeted. so clearly no work with molly again tonight! but i did get the mud off her.

we have a pond (literally!) at the access to the mare's field; the geldings field is as muddy but stickier, felt it pulling my boot this morning.

the result of the pond is that Molly doesn't REALLY want to go through the gate - who can blame her, but at least she will learn that whilst it's horrid, she can do it without being eaten alive by the horse eating shallow water!

1 comment:

Jean said...

Ah, at least Molly will get some water experience. Now you just have to hope it transfers over to the under saddle moments.

This winter's weather is certainly changeable. Trouble is, it always seems to change for the worst when you finally have time to take care of the horses. *sigh*