Wednesday, January 16, 2008

one extreme to the other

this morning it was wet and warm. this evening it was very very cold but dry. therefore, Molly got her first shock of the year - given I had the energy, i took her in the arena for 10 minutes ground work. don't think she was overjoyed (it was about 0) but she did what i asked, which is about all i can ask for! then got tucked up for the night in a warmer rug than the one she went out in this morning!!!

Torchwood tonight.


minky said...

Yeah i got a shock at how cold it was tonight my two are in until the field dries up a bit!

cptrayes said...

Well Barryman is very pretty to look at but he's also gay, so no good to me :-))) Ditto Rupert Everett and Johnny Depp is straight but very married. Can't really get into Torchwood every week but I can see why you like it.


Jean said...

Hoping the temps won't drop like that here. Gradual is OK, but in the matter of hours? B-r-r-r-r.

At least you got some time in with Miss Molly, even if she didn't appreciate it.