Saturday, January 05, 2008

in hand hurts

my bones. hurts my foot because of the depth of the arena (and the fact that the knee length boots i have, all of them, are not supportive at all!). hurts my back and neck because of the twist to the body. Hurts my shoulders (three falls onto each shoulder, separately - i.e., 6 altogether, one in the bath at my mother's when i was 18, and 5 falling off horses) because keeping one hand out on the bit of the nearside and the other at the girth stretches all that and seems to cause a bit of discomfort...

Molly was getting the general idea from what we've done before, was flexing, did move sideways, but I can't keep it up consistently myself because of the above issues.

not a lot i can do about the depth of the arena (and I'm not wearing short boots in there, a boot full of arena is just as distracting!) and i think it's daft to knack the rest of me further.

So, i guess I'll just stick to longlining & lungeing and rope circling for work on the ground, certainly until the summer when I could always see what I can find in the way of dry flat field.

feeling quite disheartened about that, actually, as it is something I want to do with Molly and it would do her a lot of good. but, don't do either of us any good if I can't do it right because my body ain't up to it...


cptrayes said...

Bummer geting older innit?? If we were 18 again we'd be skipping through 2 feet of mud behind a horse. Oh I remember those days!


Jean said...

No point in ruining yourself. Just like I can't run with the horse during the long lining and have to modify the exercises because of that....My riding suffers too because of my knees as sometimes they really hurt, but at least then I am sitting down.

Wish I could undo the years of injuries for both of us, but wishful thinking doesn't seem to work too well.

Enjoy doing what you can.

minky said...

Oh i hear you...I get terrible pain in my shoulders,back and neck.Sure ive got a trapped nerve running through my shoulder at the minute it started when Alig tried to sit on me.Didnt notice at first as the foot pain was more obvious:)but its niggling on.
Im not very good at looking after myself but I do swear by me Bioflow magnet it helps..well when I remember to put it on!

Claire said...

may magnet bracelet tends to end up on partners wrist! never see it for weeks on end!