Wednesday, January 02, 2008

a sad day

today was Jenny's funeral. there were a few buckets of tears wept quietly by most of us. Emma was very brave to speak, and did so very well. I want a hug smiley...

and some more bad news, i found out another former colleague, Rhod Robinson, died last year - he wasn't very old either, perhaps early 40's - totally out of the blue, apparently.

not a good start to the new year.

and whilst it was warm this morning, and i had no problem turning Molly out in her lightweight, it was really cold tonight, forecast to be no more than zero and snow. She was well ready to come in. the one good thing about the cold, it'll freeze the quaqmire at the gate inside the mare's field, which is becoming treacherous and needs some of the gravel they've put down on the track and on the outside of the gate.

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