Saturday, January 19, 2008

problem longlining

on right rein!

now, we used to be ok on this, no arguments, especially no arguments with the bit.

now - this time and last, but i didn't say anything last time as it might have been a one off! - she's arguing on right rein, really arguing against going right and takes herself back left as soon as she can if i let her. to prevent that, i would end up really with too much pressure on the inside .

left rein is fine, she's moving nicely - not perfectly, but getting there! - and accepting the bit.

now, we hadn't done this for a while, i suppose, but nothing had happened to turn her against and she's been lunging right rein much better lately!

the only thing that happened between the previous sequence of longlining was the lesson with emma in december and i did more riding and rope circling after that, so maybe i'm doing something wrong now that she doesn't like re the longlining? although really i'm at a loss to think what!

ah well, she'll get another couple of days off now as it's forecast to tip down again for another few days!

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Jean said...

She read my blog entry about Chance on the right rein and decided if he could do it, she could too! *G*

She could be a little sore somewhere. But, we do know that going right has always been an issue with her. Might also be part of the learning curve. If you can get her going correctly now you might solve the problem once and for all. Maybe.....if that's what's going on. I've had horses "forget" how to do something I was sure they'd learned. Then we'd work it through and for sure it was never an issue again.