Tuesday, January 22, 2008


well, i think it was just wind chill. thermometer says it was 6 degrees C - but felt a huge amount colder tonight. surprisingly, Molly was warm, in a thin rug - well, i was surprised, anyway, but the field doesn't get the full on wind and teh stable builds up quite a bit of heat, considering it only has one horse in it!

still recovering from yesterday's drive....

mother's lost her necklace, think she left it there! oops. whitby jet she had from her mother, hope it's retrieved.


cptrayes said...

we had ice here. Hope your Mum finds her necklace :-(


Jean said...

Oh dear, I hope your mother finds that necklace. What a shame.

Still cold here but not as bad. Temps were up around freezing during the day.