Wednesday, October 24, 2007

muck boots

are the warmest things on the planet (well, this neck of it, anyway....) and the riding style ones went in the car this morning.

so i rode tonight, and was quite pleased overall. didn't do huge amoutns, only about 25 minutes, but i was getting some active walk, and the circles were ok, and we had some nice trot as well that grew out of the walk (although i wasn't so clever!) and people thought i was "brave" to ride in teh dark (we do have lights in the arena!)

the most difficult bit was getting on, had to have help, but i can let her off a bit - it was dark by the mounting block, there was a rock in the way, i was trying not to fall down the hole in the middle of it, and i had my stick ( i wonder if i shoudl put the stick on top of the wall in the arena and pick it up once i'm there? schooling stick ... ) which she usually takes as a cue to move on of course she's had a couple of days of in fed and not working!


Jean said...

If you don't need the stick when mounting, it's not a bad idea to put it somewhere...provided Molly will let you pick it up.

Not so bad for working in the dark. I have arena lights and sometimes don't even bother to use them. It's amazing how much you can see on a clear night.

Claire said...

yes, riding by moonlight is fantastic, when there's a full moon - have done that! too much cloud cover at the moment!