Monday, October 29, 2007

it's not that dark

honest, not when there's lights in the arena! everyone else was away home, but i decided 15 minutes ground work would be a good plan...after I'd helped Kirsty get her hay in, had arrived really late (think she'd given up on it as she came back in her best kit! when i rang to say it had arrived).

Really good molly already being in when i get there, saves a load of time. It's amazing how much they can eat in a short time though!!!!

pictures from google earth:

close in on the shot you want to capture, then file/save/save image, and it saves it as a jpeg wherever you tell it...

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Jean said...

Love Google Earth. In the pic of my house, I think I can seen three "kidney beans" out in the pasture so it should be Toby, Tucker and PJ. (Unless they've updated the photo...I'll have to check.)

Heck, who needs lights? I finished my trail ride on Chance after sunset. Carrots are great for night vision. *giggle*