Thursday, October 25, 2007

longlining in the dark

was vaguely successful; she was really moving on and i was at one point worried i'd lose her, but i didn't. not sure that the myler combi is the right one for that job, just didn't look right in her mouth .. but ok for the purpose tonight and worth trying. and we finished with a walk right round the outside of the arena, which was good as last time we tried that she wasn't having any of it. and must be warming up as i ended up quite warm (although that might be trying to keep up with her!)


cptrayes said...

I that a new equestrian sport - longlining in the dark? Will we see it in the Olympics???

C :-)

Jean said...

You need some headlamps for Molly. Those miner's helmet lights might work. One on each side of the bridle. She could then go out and scare traffic instead of the other way 'round. *G*

ae said...

"longlining in the dark"... it sounds almost romantic!

Muriel said...

You are going to get REALLY fit ..
I love the idea of a Petzl lamp on the bridle ^-^