Saturday, October 20, 2007


day started well - hairdressers, sold old GP saddle, breakfast, then to Hexham, there was a continental fair (huge queue for the bakers stall, they'd brought their own oven, i joined it!), eventually got home and had a french lunch (demi baguette, pate campagne - mind, english cheese!) (We also bought some italian dried sausage for partner, croissants, ciabatta, tarte au pommes, tarte framboise, belgian chocolate macaroons....and some kielder organic meat, for a local touch!)then went to see Molly.

Bear in mind it was freezing all night, and very very cold until about 1 pm - of course, she should have had her rug taken off at about 12 noon ..... only to be put back on when i turned her out about 5! can't win

but she certainly does need a clip!

and as for riding her? well, i was on for an hour. she didn't want to move in the arena (will have to get into habit of carrying schooling whip, just the carrying of it is motivating!); woudlnt' go to the 20 acre (despite my praising the forward steps ....)

young emily on katie offered to give me a lead along the track, and we got under the bogie willow and along past the house, but she got her eye on something - we'll never know what! - and wasn't going further forward.

she can't set her jaw - doesn't stop her setting everything else, though!

maybe a stick when out as well? sometimes i do, sometimes i don't.

anyway, ride out in the morning with the others and see how we do....


minky said...

Yep is definately winter went back up to put rugs on at 6 is it was baltic ..good job I did some horse's from the livery yard over the yard were escaping out of their field onto the road.Had to wave someone down as they were determind to get out when I tried to go for help.No idea how the fence was down as it just seemed to have a huge bit missing not fallen just not there?

Polo's getting his neck and chest out tomorrow as he's getting pretty warm when ridden.

Claire said...

oh, scary nicola. I hope you don't mean onto the A69 !!!!!

Jean said...

An almost hack out is better than you've had in a while. So, good go even if the willow tree stopped you.

Still in flysheets here and it's supposed to be hot again on Monday.

If we could share temps and divide them, we'd both be happy.