Saturday, October 27, 2007

farrier & shooting

the farrier was late - i rather think he'd put the appointment in his diary for 1/2 hour later than i'd put it in mine! Molly was pretty good - she'll never pick her near hind up for me, because she doesn't like putting the extra weight on the off, i think, but does for him, probably because he's stronger! He's doing a dissertation and wants photos of molly's feet - something about using her as a control to compare with shod horses, i think

Shooting - it's a shooting estate, and today was a shoot day, they were very near the yard, down on the 20 acre, and one girl from another yard hadn't realised and ended up having to get off and lead! I tried to get molly to go with her (we were ready to ride by then) but the gate was the failing, she wouldn't go through it of course - so back in the arena. Molly actually felt quite heavy in my hand today, which she hasn't since i put the myler combi in, so i don't know what that's about - probably stretched leather on the cheek pieces, will probably have to use the pony bridle in its entirety with the full size browband

But we did an awful lot of trot today. My position in trot was huge amounts better - i was rising pretty correctly, which i haven't done for ages as consistently as i was today - and we did a load of circles and stuff. Molly didn't get any lighter though, although she was listening more. so a mixed day there..

tomorrow should be able to go out with the others...


cptrayes said...

Farrier and shooting - plenty of people who'd put those in the same sentence :-) You count half an hour as late? With my farrier, anything less than half a DAY was on time!


Claire said...

nah, my farrier's a good one, trains other, really keen on people doing ti right, and a good remedial farrier and etc.... thnks about his work.

Jean said...

Hunting season around here goes on for months. I think it's archery for deer right now and the gun seasons are later. Those first few days, though can be pretty noisy and scary. One time, once it was late enough in the day for all the gunning to quiet down, I tried to take Toby out for a hack in the field and he totally refused to go. The day's explosions had competely unnerved him...and he's a pretty good hack.