Friday, October 19, 2007

friday night

and as usual, knackered - had to have a black coffee this afternoon! mind, had got most of the way to our other office when my mobile rang (handsfree, so no telling off ) reception saying the client had cancelled.... duh. wasted an entire hour of the afternoon.

ana, i imagine people do groom every time before they get on if their horses are out all winter - i reckon, the main point of a rug is to keep the mud off most parts of the horse!

molly will be coming in next weekend for the winter - then she'll be out roughly 0630 - 1800

I've been thining this week - what with it being very cold, and getting very dark - that really i can't work her too hard at night now unless she is in, because i can't turn her out sweaty, of course.

She'll get clipped probably in november some time - just from the back of the girth forward and then up to the poll and half her face!

so i don't know what i'll do next week; it's compulsory they're in overnight from next saturday and i want to keep her out until then (if only to maximise the length of time i don't have to get up at 0600....!)


Jean said...

Sounds as if a partial clipping is a really good idea. This is one time having the horses at home is a real benefit. If I get one all sweated up, I can leave him in with a wicking cooler and then turn out/rerug hours later after he dries off.

Used to clip Toby and PJ, though. However, Tucker still is afraid of the clippers and I haven't ventured very far in training him to accept them.

cptrayes said...

Six ! Horrors !!