Sunday, October 21, 2007

much better....

Molly actually was in front as we set off under the bogy willow, and stayed there past the house... blocked a bit further along the lane, prettymuch the same place as yesterday, but took a lead from the others (and then regretted it, I think, as they don't walk as quickly as she does!).

Then once we were through the ford, Molly & I took the lead and stayed there ..... hard to slow her down so the others could catch up!

all in walk, up to the riding school and back down along the road and home.

one scary moment - there's a dip with a farm house and livery yard on the left at the top as you go down - a dog ran from the house across his garden to the fence line, not barking, but there ... i saw him and told everyone, but that didn't stop Blake behind us having a bit of a moment ... all the dog was doing was just standing there wagging his tail, but behind the hedge so all you could see, and then only if you looked hard, was his legs.... but there was a car coming up the hill towards us! it stopped, happily and we went on.

I did carry my stick, which may well have help substantially!

but it was below 0 when Igot there about 0830 .... the sun's up now and it was warm in the field when I left, but when I got molly in she wasn't warm even under her rug!

I'm thinking I might just start bringing her in tonight. Think she's about ready and won't argue about it at all! I did want to keep her out another week .... if I do that, I'll have to go down mornings anyway to change rug, as it's not getting out nice until after I time i would be at work anyway ... so difficult.

but was very pleased about this morning....


Jean said...

Maybe the stick is the answer. All I used to have to do with PJ was carry it in the ring and he'd go happily along. Never even used it.

Used to show at a farm where one of the dressage rings had a hedge alongside and, you guessed it, that's where their dogs lived on the other side. You'd pass by B, and the dogs would charge the hedge. Unnerved a lot of competitors.

Needless to say, I don't show there any more.

cptrayes said...

Good work both of you!