Sunday, October 14, 2007

good and bad

Good, in terms of some of the work we were doing in the arena.

Bad in that she still doesn't want to go out on her own.

I was getting some nice trot coming on when a very tiny fly landed splat in the corner of my left eye! had to stop whilst I took my glove off and got it out, which rather buggered us up.

and some walking over poles.

Not enough space - or poles - for the exercises suggested in the "100 exercises" book .. but walking over three poles did help!

not sure how much more contact i should take up = or to put it another way, how much, if any, shorter I should have my reins. will have to think about that.

but she was generally soft, generally listening (except when i tried to go out!) and generally very good.

will have to remember to take dressage stick with me.

and I wish i could remember to not try so hard, it's amazing how one tenses up when trying...

oh, and must remember to do more work without stirrups before doing anything else ... my position was of course a lot better after that!

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Jean said...

Going out is a big deal for some horses. Still is a bit of a deal for Tucker.

Hard to say about the contact. However much you pick up must first be matched and generated by the energy from the hind end.

The trick is to feel the hind end pushing into your hand. You need to resist that until the horse "gives to the bit" but only if the hind end keeps stepping under. Otherwise you get a false flexion. Easier SAID than done, I fear.