Sunday, August 09, 2009

yesterday and today

First, the more bad news for today - Horace's owner has another horse, Alan. alan came in this morning and needed the vet urgently, he'd been scratching his right eye and had caught the bottom lid, which was open ... she didn't need this! I don't know yet what vet said, will ask tomorrow, but certainly Alan will be in his stable for a while, I expect, whilst it heals.

anyway, Molly yesterday.

I nearly didn't ride - got there and headed into the field to get her, but was stopped and told she'd only been out 15 minutes - they had had to get all the horses in, whilst the man came to take Horace away, and had only just finished turning out. I still hadn't sorted out putting notice of my numbers up so no one had mine or i would have gone down if called.

And of course they were right at the bottom of the hill.

So i decided to thoroughly skip the stable out, moved the bed over, lfted a mat tthat had acquired too much bed underneath it etc, and then they came up the top so i went and got her in.

Gave her her massage, and decided to do some ridden work in the arena - given that i'd lunged yesterday. Mind, by that time I was VERY hot - hot day, and the wooden stables become pretty hot inside!

Planned on 30 minutes but after 20 M had had enough .. but we had done a LOT of trot again, I was very pleased with it, so it was a good session.

Today. Arrange to hack out with Sarah. plan was to find a hill for a canter. We knew which hill, getting there was an issue, as M was backing off the first (shut) gate we came to so badly i had to get off and lead through, and was then a bit stuck ... so walked down the route we'd planned to GAynor's, she came out with some small ladders and held molly whilst I got back on.

Then we had to go through another gate to get into a meadow where you then go under the road bridge to get through to canter up the hil the other side.

Beadsley (Sarah's horse) wasn't having any of that, he was in the lead; then two horses cam along the track beside where we were and molly decided she wanted to be with them (or perhaps thought she shoudl be, don't know....) real pain! but at least i stayed on this time, sarah came back and then (don't you know) molly led beadsely through quite happily

and I cantered a long canter up the hill! first time since I broke my foot back in June 2006! so that shoudl help a lot on the canter in teh arena stakes.

and then to keep me happier, Molly was quite happy to open the gate at the top of that hill back to the road (and blotted her copybook again, as we were going through it she really set her jaw and flung her head about .. but at least we stayed on the verge!)

then back along to the yard on the road, job done. will do more of that now!

Lost a packet of polos though - we were both parched, sarah and i, after the canter but i had polos in my pocket - got one for me, handed tube to sarah who handed it back - and then i thought i'd put it back in my pocket, and then realised i'd dropped it.

then came home for a VERY late breakfast (about 12.30, LOL)

When i got back to the yard after i'd hosed Molly off, standing talking and realised my phone was doing loads of things it shouldn't - playing music, on the internet, doh. switched it off. When i got back home, it wouldn't switch back on again! (I didn't say at the time, but whilst I was in France i'd dropped it down the loo, it had recovered from that, but i think it has given up). So have had to move the sim back into the phone i'd originally lost and then refound (at least I refound it) and resynchronise .. but of course, realised I hadn't synced the phone since it's replacement. So i shall have to replace a few numbers, unless the other phone recovers! doh.

But anyway, pleased with today!


trudi said...

Cool!!! Well done you and Molly.

Jean said...

You cantered!! Way to go! Before you know it, you'll be doing it in the arena too. A good ride despite a few annoying interruptions along the way.

Trouble with electronics and water is that they do dry out and work, but then, apparently the water causes internal corrosion and that's where the malfunctions start. I fear phone #2 may be a goner.

Claire said...

you may be right, jean... and of course there's some info now on phone 2 that needs replacing, dammit!

Danni said...

Brilliant news on the canter :D

Not so good that your phone isn't well after a dunk in the loo!

Cabruze said...

Ooo sounds like a really fun hack! Well done you!
And sorry to hear about Alan. Hope he makes a speedy recovery.