Saturday, August 15, 2009

windy windy....

after yesterday's long day, didnt' get up until 9! and the winds... pah. at least they were warm winds didn't need a coat even when it was raining.

anyway, thought i'd arranged to hack out at 3. ..... that didn't happen.

molly didn't get her tea yesterday (apparently she wouldn't be caught) and therefore hadn't had her devil's claw and cortiflex.... so she got double devil's claw today. umph.

so today.

now, bear in mind that the arena, on teh opposite side of the road from the yard, has a large grove of trees down it's left hand side as you go in, between it and the yard. so in the yard, it seemed quite calm.

go into the arena, however, and the howling gale was howling, making the tree that overhangs the arena substantially creak and groan (there are branches rubbing against each other, and one came down t'other week when no one was in there thank goodness)

so after getting on, i got off again ... i hate a wind, makes me ratty, which winds molly up, so no point.

so i decided to do some mounting practice at the fixed mounting block ....between showers.

we have one place wher eyou can stand under cover so under there, during a shower, i did about 5 minutes or so of click/treat when she stood still with me at her girth.

it didn't translate, however, to standing still at the fixed block.

at the finish, she was getting sick and refusing to even move forward to be alongside the mounting block ..

when she did she'd stand still. that was fine, got clicked/treated for it; then she'd move on. pah.

so, after about an hour and wanting to finish on a good note, i went back to the arena (which is where my portable moutning block is) - of course the wind had totally dropped! - to be sure i did get on again before finishing for the day. left he gate open.

did get back on after 5 minutes - and rode back to the yard (the arena gate is impossible to open from on horseback)

so that was that.

trudi - i got the potato dish to work! used a different receptacle, and a higher heat (possibly too high, the top burnt, but hey) very tasty too!


Jean said...

I have lots of trees near my arena too and I hate the wind. The trees make all kinds of noises, and, of course, there is always the danger of falling limbs.

But you did manage to do something, and in the end, you got on Ms. Molly, so you ended it all on a good note. Good going.

trudi said...

just catching up, having no puter of my own is no fun :-(
Glad you got the taters to work, and glad to read too that you're going back to the old yard....sounds like a plan.