Friday, August 14, 2009

a long sad day...

you will recall my post about my cousin Yvonne, who died on the 3rd August.

Today, a large number of people gathered on a lovely hill (in a marquee, in her arena) for her funeral, which was excellently done, a non-religious ceremony and very good. most of us cried a bit, and laughed a bit, and felt our mortality I think...the celebrant was excellent, and the 3 people who spoke did so very movingly

meanwhile, back at the yard - arab mare Susie was PTS today, after a long life (i seem to recall being told, much longer than the vet had thought about 10 or more years ago....) - i forget how old she was, but it was her time. so hugs for HER owner.


Jean said...

What an emotional day for you. How nice to feel all that love for your cousin and to see how much people cared for her.

RIP, Susie. I am sure she too was much loved. My sympathies to her owner and, indeed, a hug from across the sea. Please give her my best.

Cabruze said...

What a sad day! Sounds live a wonderful celebration of your Cousin's life.
It's very sad its time to PTS our beloved old horses. But how wonderful for them that they remained in the care of people who loved them and did the best for them throughout their lives.

trudi said...

Sad all round but fulfilled lives on the both counts.