Thursday, August 06, 2009

full 1/2 hour...

this timer is a really good idea!

i set it after i'd got on (again, an exercise achieved with no difficulty, the more impressive as i was carrying my schooling whip which i haven't for a good long while!) - really useful tool! if i clip the phone (in case) to the back waist, it doesn't seem to move where if i clip it at the side, it does....gets pushed off.

anyway, essentially more of what i did last night, with added leg yield to see if i can crack that (sort of)

The trot is still good. i did more trot/walk transitions tonight as well as trotting round circles and the full outside track, was very pleased.

i felt more as though she was carrying me, which i haven't felt for a good while, so pleased with that, and she was a bit more accepting of contact as well.

overall, good session.

finished with an asked for turn on the forehand, as opposed to a turn on the forehand done as an evasion!

lesson on Monday - RI was there giving someone else a lesson, and the plan is to have them on the same day and follow each other... save i'll probably only have one every other week, i expect...


Jean said...

Good session, from the sound of it. Wonder if all the vet care and new supplements are making the difference? Hopefully the better she feels, the better Molly will work for you.

Getting on a regular lesson schedule is always a good idea, even if it is every other week. Hope you can work it out.

Mary Lou said...

You seem to be in a good place with Molly now. The more regularly you are able to work with her the better tuned in you will be. She too will better understand your expectations. As long as you can maintain your forwardness I think leg yield is a great exercise. Good for suppling and lots of fun too.