Wednesday, August 05, 2009

mixed day ... RIP Yvonne

You'll gather the day started with the bad news.

My cousin Yvonne died (at 62!) of a very aggressive ovarian cancer ... her brother's a bit shell shocked, we're all stunned, and I imagine her husband's past himself ... The last few years we'd met at funeral's of aged uncles ... Yvonne is the first of "our" generation and it certainly makes you think of your own mortality much more than one might have done otherwise.

The good bit? Molly .... I was able to get on first time with no trouble at all. I set the timer on my mobile for 1/2 hour (not having a watch at the moment, it's the only way!) and first off worked on a nice walk, directionality (diagonals, serpentines, circles); then tried trot.


somethings working.

round the outside track, 20 metre circle, outside track, 20 metre circle, and that again, then change rein, same again right rein (once, as it's worse rein) and change rein again and back to walk.

Didn't worry about too much contact/outline, i was so pleased to get a forward active trot with no grief at all. AND i didn't lose her shoulders.


so a good note to end the day on. I didn't do the full 1/2 hour - after 20 minutes, the flies were really bothering us (probably because we'd been working hard and it was hot!) so i did a little more walk, and called it a day at 25 minutes.

I do like that timer idea, though, why i hadn't thought of it before i don't know....


Mary Lou said...

So sorry about your cousin. Cancer is evil!!! But good that Molly went well today. Sometimes we need that.

Kate said...

Very sorry to hear about your cousin. Glad at least that Molly gave you a nice ride.

trudi said...

Sad to hear about Yvonne, but yes it does question one's mortality and makes you realise how each day has to be properly lived.

Jean said...

Sad news to hear about Yvonne. I will keep you all in my thoughts.

Di said...

Sorry to hear about your cousin, Claire.
Good news that Molly's going well.