Sunday, August 02, 2009

good and bad again...

But i shouldn't have ridden.

The good.

she caught easily, and was relatively chilled in the stable. and i got all 4 feet picked out, which hasn't always been the easiest thing in the world with her...

she lunged ok - i had saddle on but not the roller/side reins.

the bad.

the flies were awful in the arena for some reason (not a problem in the yard at all).

an expected issue with mounting (unsurprised about that given i haven't ridden for weeks!)

she set her jaw after a couple of times round the arena and woudln't unset it, and was windmilling her neck

so got back off and lunged again, then got back on to try again, to the same effect

I think i shouldn't have ridden, should have done more ground work, and i need to let the devil's claw etc have a couple more days to kick in to effect before riding again. and back to the combi when i do, i think.

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Jean said...

The rain here is bringing out the flies like crazy. It never helps when the horse is distracted like that.

Hopefully the supplements will make Molly feel better and more cooperative.

Riding was a good idea, even if you didn't accomplish what you wanted to. She needs the saddle time and so do you. A good try is better than no try at all.