Tuesday, August 04, 2009

longlined with a bit...

realised it's been a good while since i've longlined, and an even longer time since i'd longlined with a bit, been doing it bitless more recently (since we moved to blackdene).

So tonight that was the plan, and the bitless being out on loan, bitted she was.

and went relatively well!

I found i have to work a bit harder to get her going, and to get her moving forward and thus keeping her head up and jaw unset ... some of it wasn't so good, but a lot of it was a lot better than we've done bitted in the past, and i was particularly pleased that I didn't feel as though I was being dragged, particularly to the right (whcih mean the jaw wasn't set...)


trudi said...

sounds good!! and the BB is on it's way back as we speak :-)

Jean said...

Good workout, I should think and it seems you are making progress with the bitting issues.

If it ever cools off, I hope to do a bit of longlining myself tonight...later....after dark...no flies.