Saturday, August 22, 2009

my bad....

i didn't post yesterday.... forgot! haven't actually forgot before.

But i dind't have anything to say, as all i'd done was lift the rubber mats and take down the hay bar...

Today we moved back to Harbour house. I had planned to ride down, but when i got her in i found the flies had been at her back and there were scabs under where the saddle would go, either side of her spine. so they got treated and i walked her down in hand.

the herd is the same one she left last June...but they haven't yet recognised her. but at least when I went back later she hadn't been kicked in the hock!

She was moving wonderfully well, i didn't have the camcorder of course, hadn't even thought about it, but i should have done...

Then spent the rest of the day packing stuff ... and moving everyting up to where it could be easily loaded on to the trailer.

that itself took no time at all, neither did getting it off the other end .. but a lot of sorting out to be done.

i put the mats down, and put everything in the tack room tidily and came away as it was 8pm by then...

and if i hadn't needed a shower when i started, i certainly needed one when i finished, it was warm work!

off to gloucester lodge @ blyth tomorrow to watch/help Nicola & Vic in the luso class and I gather some other friends will be there as well, so will be a long day!

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Jean said...

You wore me out with that post, but I'm glad the work is done and Molly is safely back where it's better for both of you.

I guess your foot wasn't too bad.

Maybe Molly's little herd was just being, ya know, casual...."So, you're back. Had a good vacation? Went off to that posh place and left us here, huh? Yeah, yeah, well, welcome back, now move over so I can have a bite of that grass." *LOL*