Tuesday, August 18, 2009

definite fly bothering

tnoight i put fly repellent everywhere... including sponging it round her face..but it doesn't work, and it got hotter, and we got hotter, the more we did.

trot is stil good and improving.

trot to walk is coming along nicely, especially if i remember to stay upright, LOL

a serpentine, haven't been able to do one of those for months

didn't ask for canter (she wanted to, and one could argue i shoudl have gone for it, but i want canter when i want canter not when she wants canter!)

walk? that's when the flies bother, of course

so we did some, then some more trot, and finished with trying to start rein back again..

one half step back, praise walk on, then another...

but the flies were all round her head so since we'd done 20 minutes i thought that was enough.


Jean said...

I can highly recommend the bug armor. Saw a flysheet for riding there in Britain too...will try to find the brand. Also, you can ride with a fly mask on them.

Honestly around here, it's just not even worth it to try to ride without the fly gear on.

Jean said...

OK, eBay Britain has several HKM fly rugs with saddle cut out designed for riding. You just need to add a fly mask with ears.

Price doesn't look too bad either.

Will keep looking. (Just do eBay search for HKM fly rug)

Jean said...

Ok, more expensive. Harry's Horse Fly sheet with saddle recess. This is the one I saw before.

Don't know if the Bug Armor is available to you in the UK, but the HKM on eBay looks pretty good.

I work my horses in theirs, walk, trot and canter. And I'd never go out on a hack around here in the summer without it.

Cabruze said...

They are just horrible in the evenings aren't they!!! I no longer waste money on fly repellants!! But sounds like really good progress on the riding front.