Sunday, August 23, 2009

gloucester lodge show

not with molly, of course! Nicola with AliG, Vic with Quenza (Luso) - both in the "foreign breeds" class, in hand and ridden; donna & jack, part bred arab in hand and ridden, and another lady I know from various legal courses over the years, with her arab in hand and ridden...

All got rosettes.

Quenza in particular was a superstar - ony backed 4 months ago (by vic), first time out, didn't put a single foot wrong; AliG (PRE) of course is still young and he didn't put a foot wrong either. Jack is only 5 as well - they were all much better behaved than some others!

and it didn't start raining until we were nearly home, thank goodness.

Molly? well i tWAS raining time i got to the yard. She's still in one piece, thank goodness, butnot yet allowed into the herd. But i did catch her first time of asking, gave her a good groom and her feed.

will, probably, do some groundwork/lunging tomorrow... the scabby fly bites are healing up, but want to be sure they're gone before i put saddle back on!


Jean said...

Ah, Nicola is up and about. I don't think she's updated her blog lately. Could you give her a nudge? I don't think I have her email.

Glad everyone had a good day. When the horses behave well like that, the rosettes are just the icing on the cake.

Claire said...

i did point out to her that the occasional update would be good :-)

trudi said...

Sounds like a good day. I really like Vic and her attitude to Q is fab, glad it's all working out for her. Good that Molly is still in one piece, lol, let's hope it stays that way.