Monday, August 31, 2009


looks like she's just about sound again!

She trotted half across the field towards me when i went out to get her, and looked a lot better,but i took her in the arena for a quick trot round loose to see properly

a LOT better, so it must have been muscle. still, possibly, a very minor twinge left, but i reckon i can start doing something with her tomorrow.

of course, after over a week off, it'll be a couple of days lunging I think before I get on (and of course, that'll give me a double check on her soundness)

and whilst i was grooming her, it was teaming down! and tonight we've had a massive thunderstorm - all coming from your direction, jean, LOL!

BUT, she had a large dried up and not deep cut on her right flank, behind where the saddle flap would be, but i'm not sure what caused it. never mind, it had dried, and i put ointment on it. should be ok.


Danni said...

Hurray, glad Miss Molly is feeling better!

Jean said...

Could you have been hit by what was left of the tropical storm...once hurricane? Wonder where it went?

Glad to hear Molly is looking better. Hopefully you can get started again. Yea!

Claire said...

probably, jean... looked at the met office yesterday and it was all rolling in from the atlantic...

Mary Lou said...

I can't believe all the rain stays west of Cambridgeshire. Our ground is too hard to do anything but walk on.

trudi said...

sounds like good news, onwards and upwards then.