Tuesday, August 11, 2009

whoo hooo

canter in teh arena today

HUGE grin on my face.

Her trot is improving all the time - so much that walk is difficult, but frankly, who cares!

anyway, Brooke was in the arena with her new pony, her mother and another lady and they were telling her the aids to canter .....so by the time i'd heard them several times ithought, sod it, let's go for it.

first attempt was wrong lead, i hadn't set it up

second attempt - YESSSSSSS lovely transition.

so round a circle (well, frankly, only 3/4 of one!) pulled her up and called that the good point to stop.


forgot to say.. the lesson has had to be rearranged again...


Jean said...

Whoooo Hoo! Backatcha! Good for you! And good for Molly to give you a canter too.

Well done. There's no stopping you now.

trudi said...

whoo hoo indeed...fab work, really pleased for you.

Cabruze said...

Brilliant! Well done!

Di said...

That's great Claire, another milestone eh?