Thursday, December 04, 2008

working in the snow (2nd post of the day)

i was right in thinking snow would enable me to work molly - arena surface was much imrproved. and it was the only chance for her to get out today. I would have turned out in the snow this morning, but no one else was, so i couldn't wasn't cold and they woudl have been fine but turned out there'd been a misunderstanding - when i got there i was told they were all staying in, so fine, but later turned out another would have turned her horse out if there was another out. the joys of misunderstandings!

not to worry.

She's stopped having hissy fits and is working much better, if I can I'll lunge tomorrow rather than basic ground work.

In the meantime, some more pictures

this was as i left her whilst I skipped out and put more hay etc. in ....

here of course she wants to be back in again!

this is good, she looks particularly pretty here I think!
this was a couple of seconds before the one above....she was thinking about it!
and this is the church next to my house (which I photographed this mornin from my window) but seen from across the football field (I walked to the yard and back, this was on the way back..)


cptrayes said...

Nice tartan!


Jean said...

Nice clip! *G*

The snow is always so pretty the first time.....

But it is a good surface to work in. And even if it gets deep it can still be mushed down to make a nice track for riding--better than frozen solid ring surface.

Molly does take a nice picture. I think she is a diva about the camera.

Claire said...

yes, i hadn't realised the check was the same colour as molly until i put it on her!