Tuesday, December 23, 2008

equissage massage...

there's a lady up the road who has an equissage massage machine, and having heard good things about it Molly had a treatment today. she seemed to thoroughly enjoy it!

afterwards, I rode, and I do think she was softer sooner than she might otherwise have been. Difficult to know exactly whether it was that or the fact that it wasn't blowing a gale, there weren't two horses in the paddock next to the arena having a play fight, and we weren't having a lesson - but she didn't give as much grief as usual to get on (although i did, of course, get someone to hold her, since that saves the stress anyway...) but overall this was a much better session than I've had for a while (but given it's only the 4th ridden work I've done since i came back from Cheshire...)

anyway, overall pleased. not consistent in her mouth, which is partly her and partly me, but she was hardly against the hand at all and we had NO blocks, which is a first. a couple of moment of "no I don't like this circle", but no blocks. Also had some nice walk/halt/walk transitions as well.

so overall very pleased. Might invest in another treatment in the new year - only £10 a time. Lady said she's finding after she's been to a yard a couple of times, people are clubbing together to buy their own!

Didn't post yesterday as nothing to say - turned into a busy day, time I'd been to the dentist, done a last minute present shop and gone to a meeting in course of planning future....shame, it was a lovely day as well.

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Jean said...

Always better after a massage myself. I should think a horse would feel better too, especially if she's been tense or blocking things.

More sessions would be a great idea. It could make all the difference in the world in your training.