Thursday, December 11, 2008

I Rode!!

But i think that i should have had more layers under my jod's - my legs were cold and in consequence I felt slightly slippy even on warmed memory foam!

but she was very good - there was a boom box going in the corner of the arena, a mix of christmas songs and some other stuff (odd mix altogether really, started off with Vangelis and moved through Fairy Tale of New York and onwards...) people practicing for yard show on sunday, which i haven't given any thought to at all!

I need to remember the stuff I was doing before the long break, and so does she. I only did about 15 minutes (if that!)

and guess what? I had to have help to get on ... duh.


Jean said...

Oh, duh! When is that girl going to stand still for you???

Fifteen minutes is just fine when neither of you are really in shape. Just take your time and enjoy every moment.

Besides it's no fun riding when you're cold and not good for your aching joints either.

cptrayes said...

Warmer tonight, but wet! Forecast is dry for tomorrow though, so I'm hoping to hunt.