Tuesday, December 09, 2008

lunge and longline

with the bitless bridle, rther than the bit, as much for practice as anything else since we haven't longlined for a long time and i wanted to get her used to the idea of that again before re-introducing teh bit (given her past history of bit issues...)

the lunging went well, I wasn't aiming for anything hugely exciting, just for no tantrums, and going both ways. that was fine.

longlining, she pretty much stood still whilst i sorted the reins out, which is good in and of itself, and then was moving reasonably well both ways. didn't WANT to go right, but did go right. left rein she was reaching for the "contact" (in so far as one can with a bitless, you know what i mean..) very nicely fora couple or so circles, not so much right rein, maybe only a couple of paces, but generally not too bad. and we were changing the rein nicely as well.

only about 25 minutes all told, then it got too dark and went back in.

but i was pleased with that!


cptrayes said...

Any news on jobs??


Jean said...

The dark is coming too quickly these days. After the 21st they start to get longer again, though.

Bitless bridle, that reminds me. I need to put the one I have up on EBay. Tucker absolutely hated it. Wonder what makes one horse react one way and another differently to the pressure?

Any luck yet with a new position? Didn't you have some prospects in the works?