Saturday, December 06, 2008

ice rinks...

it rained on the ice and then life in hands.

amazingly enough, they managed to get the horses out - i left Molly in the stable, but someone dug out a bit of ice and put her and two geldings out - an edge round the outside of the arena wasn't frozen so out they went. oddly, there was quite a bit of heat in the sun when it eventually got out! I made up several haylage nets (we're on big bale...) ready for the morning as well as overnight.

by this afternoon, the smaller arena was useable so long as no one wanted to canter or ride, so more ground work.

we're re-establishing manners/who's in charge, which is good. she's stopped having hissy fits

when it thaws properly, i'll long line, but i don't want to do that until the surface is properly right... that is, all the ice has gone! not for Molly's benefit, the horse's weight is sufficient to break it up, but for my benefit!

a friend is having a book published by Blackwells in May, available to pre-order:


Stephanie said...

Ordered the book already :)

The snow has turned to lethal ice up here as well. D almost slid the car into the wall today, was not funny to watch.

Good that you are re-establishing manners though.

Claire said...

glad you got home in one piece! i was out chucking table salt on our back lane at 5 pm this evening!

Jean said...

That weather sounds terrible. As I said before, I hate ice!!

Good that you had a chance to work Molly for a while. You will soon have her back on track, working as a willing partner.