Monday, December 08, 2008


result - mud.

can't have it all ways though!

the arena surface was of course much improved. I didn't get back to the yard until it was dark, though (afternoon meeting in durham) and so did some more groundwork with the electrics on....reasonable lighting in the smaller arena, spots mounted on the barn wall. she thought about having a tantrum, but decided not to. and it's a bit dark outside the lit area....think there was some animal she could hear that i couldn't.

hopefully i'll get back sooner tomorrow and be able to lunge in daylight - lunchtime meeting in newcastle, but if i go up early i'll come back straight after lunch hopefully with all jobs done.

but it was so warm i could take the medium wieght rug off and put the lightweight back on, she was overwarm this morning under the medium weight...

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Jean said...

The weather is nutty. One day freezing, the next warm. Supposed to be in the 50's F here on Wednesday with the possiblity of thunderstorms! Ridiculous.

Well, at least you had a place to work and some decent enough footing. Too bad about the mud, though, it seems to be the curse of higher temps.